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Mobile Phone

Deliver broadband failover using existing customer smartphones

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Failover response in less than 1 second

No need for extra hardware and SIM connections

The smartphone service, already provided, has great LTE/5G connectivity


Consumer/SMB Benefits

Always-on service resilience
No premium charges
Simple - No extra hardware
Easy activation

CSP Benefits

Low cost - no hardware or SIM cards to deploy
Uses smartphones already there
Low LTE/5G consumption
Rapid time to market - software only




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During most failures, there is a smartphone in the home/business connected to LTE/5G and to the router over Wifi

Solution automatically harnesses that smartphone to backup all the users and all the devices they’re using 

More than one smartphone available? Solution will select the best one

Technology Principles

Technology Principles

HAT client retrofits existing routers

(TR-069 distribution)

App installed on customer smartphone or functionality is embedded in existing app

Hybrid server handles only failover traffic

Zero-rated failover data if/when used

Smartphone vs. USB

Smartphone vs. alternative solutions

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