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Mobile Phone

ISPs: Back up wireline with existing smartphones and existing wi-fi connections

Kyrio Competition

Failover response in less than 1 second

Software-only solution

No extra hardware required

Makes your wireline broadband service unbreakable using existing smartphones


Cost Reduction

 Customer support cost reduction
Churn reduction
Retention costs reduction
 Remote access saves technician costs

More Revenues

Sell more wireline based on "always-on"
Sell more wireless to enable "always-on"

Benefits to ISP



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During broadband failures, there is an LTE/5G smartphone in the home/business already connected to the router over Wi-Fi

No need to swap to hotspot mode

The existing, normal, wi-fi connection is robust and secure

Users download and activate the app and forget about it. Failover occurs seamlessly and automatically if and when needed

Technology Principles

Technology Principles

HAT client retrofits existing routers

(TR-069 distribution)

App installed on customer smartphone or functionality is embedded in existing app

Hybrid server handles only failover traffic

Zero-rated failover data if/when used

Better than Kyrio
Smartphonefailover vs. Kyrio

Better than Kyrio ARC Hotspot (by Cablelabs)
and other hotspot solutions 

Based on regular wi-fi connection

 No need to swap to hotspot
No need to exchange credentials - uses already secure connections
 Low, regular battery consumption
 Long distance from router - smartphones can be anywhere on mesh or across repeaters

Implies better LTE/5G reception since router is typically in low reception area

Simple software client integration into residential gateway

Architectural advantages

 Zero-rating for smartphone failover traffic
Traffic shaping capabilities
 1 second failover time
 Failover is seamless because uses same IP addressing before and after

Enables remote access into router during failover

Robust carrier grade management, monitoring, reporting and lawful intercept

Selects best phone among all available


Cheaper, better than hardware solutions

Cheaper, better, simpler

 Smartphones have great LTE/5G reception and great wi-fi links to the router
Why spend money on more hardware and more SIM connections?
 Why spend money on distribution and set-up logistics?
 Software-only solution can be enabled practically overnight with a firmware upgrade

Smartphonefailover vs. hardware
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