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There is a Growing Expectation
Always-On Broadband 

Broadband Outages Cause Adverse Results

• Customer Dissatisfaction

Increased Customer Care Costs 

• Increased Churn

Adverse Brand Impact

Current LTE/5G Failover Solutions are Expensive

Require Additional Hardware
Require Additional SIM Connections
Require Additional Billing Setups

Our Solution

 Automatically Harness The Smartphones That Are Already There



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During most Failures, there is a smartphone in the home/business connected to LTE/5G and to the router over Wifi

Solution automatically harnesses that Smartphone to Backup all the users and all the applications they’re using 

Broadband Resilience Using Smartphones

Always-On Service residential & business

Broadband Resilience Using Smartphones.png
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Consumer/SMB Benefits


Always-On Resilience
Failover traffic is zero-rated
Low extra cost (if at all)

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CSP Benefits


Rapid Time to Market (Software Only)
Low Cost (no Hardware or SIM cards to deploy)
LTE / 5G used only when needed
Broadband/Mobile Brand Stickiness

Technology Principles


HAT client retrofits existing routers

(TR-069 distribution)
Special app is installed and activated on smartphones
Agg-server installed in core

(to handle failover traffic only)
Zero-rated failover data

if/when used

smartphonefailover image.png
Technology Principles
Smartphone vs. USB

Smartphone vs. USB dongle

Select Customers


Working with some customers for over 10 years

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